These are the products Doubles Tennis recommends to improve your tennis game on and off the court!

Aku Spike Ball

The Aku Spike Ball is used for acupressure massage therapy. By squeezing, rolling, or pressing the Aku Spike Ball against your skin you will relax muscles and joints, relieve pain, and reduce stress.
Spiked Ball for acupressure

Aku Spike Mat

The Aku Spike Mat is designed to utilize acupressure and reflexology to increase blood flow and lymph circulation. Lie, step, or press slowly onto the Aku Spike Mat to receive its many benefits.
Spiked mat for acupressure

Babolat Racquets

These are the best racquets of 2021. They are designed to help a player dominate the court with speed and aggression.
High Quality Babolat Tennis Racquets

Babolat Equipment

Adding to the racquet, it is a good idea to invest in a full set of Babolat equipment. This brand is specifically trusted by top tennis stars.
Variety of Babolat Equipment

Massage Stick

A massage stick is an excellent tool to reduce muscle soreness and tightness after an intense workout or a good day on the tennis court.

Resistance Bands

The CoreFX Resistance Bands are best in class for giving an intense resistance band training session. With the right exercises in mind, these bands will properly work you for the next tennis tournament.

Lacrosse Ball

This ball, intended for another sport, is one of the best mobility products on the market. Use this ball to alleviate tense muscles and back pain after a good day on the tennis court.

Neuro Dynamic Vision Performance Visual Agility Trainer

Only available in the USA and Canada, this product is fantastic at training your brain to see faster. Most players below pro level only focus on training their physique, when training your brain to see faster is also essential.

Moon Ball

The Moon's crazy, gravity-defying bounce is out of this world. It’s extremely addictive to play with on pavement, at a skate park, in a tunnel, in a gymnasium - everywhere there's a hard surface.
Waboba moon ball

Pro Loops

Whether the goal is to strengthen or rehabilitate your lower body, Pro Loops are a great tool to achieve a great lower body physique.

Foam Roller

The Trigger Point Foam Roller is a great massage tool to release muscle pain and tightness, improve mobility, and increase circulation.

Skipping Rope

This classic piece of equipment is essential to keeping yourself agile on the court. The CoreFX skipping rope is designed to be easily customized to best suit the user.

Concorde Training Mat

The Concorde exercise mat is the one I would personally recommend. The extra thick design is ideal for stretching and it never slips while in use.


Mastering the sweet spot of your tennis swing is essential. Trusting your racquet is not enough. When using the SweetSpotter to hit balls your body will naturally adjust to the correct point of contact, postural, zone of contact, racket head, and sweet track spots all at once.

Vector Ball

Training your vision is important to becoming a better tennis player. The Vector Ball can be thrown against a wall, lighting up to indicate how to catch it. Using this product can help train your vision and improve your reaction times.


The Ybell is a flexible piece of fitness equipment that can be used for almost all the exercises needed to up your tennis game.

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