Do These Volley Drills ANYWHERE

These drills are sure to improve your volleys. Try them out and let us know how it goes!

Tennis Lesson for New Players (Part 2)

Follow Coach Uros as he teaches Rachel who has never played tennis before!

Improve Your Control with These Drills!

Try these simple but effective drills with your partner to improve your control over the ball.

Video Training

Powerful Forehand

Looking to get stronger in your forehand game? Coach Uros is here to show tips that are bound to improve your baseline game. Learn how weights and anticipation can take your game to the next level.

Beginner Lesson

Follow Coach Uros as he teaches Rachel who has never played tennis before! If you are new to tennis and are looking for new exercises to drastically improve your game, this video is for you!

Win Points Indirectly

Stephen Huss is a former Australian tennis player who won Wimbledon Men's Doubles in 2005 (as a qualifier!). He has reached #21 in the ATP doubles rankings and is now a top USTA coach.

Tennis Court Lines Explained

New to tennis? Need help understanding the court lines? Follow Coach Uros as he teaches us the lines on the tennis court! Fast track your game improvement with our free instructional videos

Mental Game Preparation

Louis Cayer is a world class coach who worked with six #1 doubles players, Grand Slam champions (including Joe Salisbury) and 26 of the top 50 ATP/WTA doubles players.

Intense Movement Drills

We all know fast movement is key to tennis players game. This drill that can be done anywhere will help you practice your on court movement. Try these drills to work on your movement in all directions!

Mindset Wins Matches

Zoran Stojkovic is a CSPCA trained Mental Performance Specialist with a Masters of Science in Sports Psychology. Follow this exclusive interview to learn how you can train yourself to achieve peak performance through mental tools.

Doubles Champion Interview

Gabriela Dabrowski is a Canadian WTA player who has competed at the top of the world with a career high of #11 in the world. She has won 11 career doubles titles including mixed doubles titles at the French Open and Australian Open.

15 Min Tennis Workout

This 15 minute workout will help you improve all aspects for your game, providing you with a full workout in the process. Practice speed, stamina and handling. Follow along in this Tennis Circuit with Coach Neil.

Get a Killer Serve

We all know that serving and serving power are crucial to any and every professional tennis player. If you are looking to improve your serve technique and add power, this is the video for you!

Improve Your Returns

Returns are extremely important part of any tennis players game. Playing against a strong server? Learn how to position yourself in the right place for maximum return success

Net Practice Drills

Looking to improve your net game? These easy drills will help you practice your ball control, placement and stance preparation. Join coach Neil and try them out and let us know how it goes!